Bruce Springsteen: Harry Potter, online la canzone scartata dalla Warner

Bruce Springsteen ricevette il compito di scrivere una canzone per promuovere il primo film di Harry Potter ma fu scartata poco dopo. Ora è possibile ascoltarla.

Prima della produzione del primo film di Harry Potter ovvero “Harry Potter e la pietra filosofale”, la Warner Bros commissionò al cantante Bruce Springsteen di scrivere un brano dedicato al film da usare poi come colonna sonora . Alla fine, purtroppo, la canzone fu ritenuta non adatta e fuori luogo e perciò fu scartata.
Ora, dopo ben 16 anni, la canzone è apparsa online ed è possibile ascoltarla nel video che abbiamo inserito qui sopra.
Noi vi proponiamo anche il testo completo
Bruce Springsteen – I’ll Stand by You Always (testo completo)
You meet me in the night
with tears falling down,
come let me dry them for you.
I wish I could tell a story,
chase away all the ghosts
you’ve got inside of you.
A story of heroes that fight
all night at any cost,
of a kingdom of love
to be won or lost.
We’ll fight here together
’til victory is won.
Come take my hand ’til morning comes.
Just close your eyes,
I’ll stand by you always.
I know that here in the dark
tomorrow can seem so very far away.
Here the ghosts and the goblins
can rise from your dreams
to steal your heart away.
Together we’ll chase those thieves
that won’t leave you alone,
out from under the bed,
out from our home.
And when the light comes we’ll laugh, my love,
at the things the night
had us so frightened of.
Until then,
I’ll stand by you always.
Now I know it can feel like you’re slipping away, at night you’ll get lost in that deep dark place
We’ll let the night come and do what it may, together we’ll find the courage, we’ll find faith
Until you awake
I’ll stand by you always, always, always
I’ll stand by you always, always, always
I’ll stand by you always
I’ll stand by you always

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